Reasons Why Multinationals keep choosing Panama?

Every day there are more multinationals who are looking at Panama as their new home for all the facilities it offers for international business.


▶ These are some interesting facts which situate Panama as a business platform:


✔ Panama has the two most active ports in Latin America in both Oceans: Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.


✔ With 90 destinations, Tocumen International Airport is the best connected in Latin America to 35 countries.


✔ Panama reaches major markets of the region in hours by air and 1-7 days by sea.


✔ Panama has free trade agreements with strategic partners around the world which provide a great window for business


✔ And for closing with excellent news, Panama’s government approved just a few weeks ago, the Emma License. A special law for the establishment and operation of multinational companies related to manufacturing.


▶ There are already more than 150 multinationals established in Panama and without a doubt, with the approval of this new law, it will continue to be attractive for many.


Panama ‘s strong rental demand from multinational executives is why savvy investors have their eyes here.

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